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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay #6 It was saturday afternoon,Jay had just finished soccor practice
and was heading home,he skipped the shower,he woulld do that at home.He
never liked showering with the other boys anymore,they were all bigger than
he was and were constantly grabbing his ass or shacking there dicks at him.Not that he didn't like seeing there dicks,he did,loved it in fact,but he
was afraid he might get worked up and let one of them fuck him.
He sure didn't want it to get around he liked sucking dick or being
fucked,he had to go to school there for awhile yet.He was still wearing his soccor suit,his dad had bought it for him and he
was really proud of it.The shirt was short sleeved,black and white striped
with white shorts,knee high stockings with black and white tripes at the
top.He knew he looked great in it,the shorts fit snugg,showing off his well
formed butt.
Jay bounced up the steps singing as he entered the apartment,yelling,"hey
mom,I'm home!""Jay,come in here before you take your bath."She called back.
She handed him his dads lunch box saying,"Your dad forgot his lunch,be a
good boy and run it down to the shop,will you?"
"Sure mom,no problem."he said and headed out.The guard knew Jay well and passed him through saying,"better not stay long
Jay,they might put you to work."
"I won't Mr Pitts,I don't need a job right now."Jay said,laughing.
He saw Joe across the way and he waved at Jay smiling,Jay instantly thought
of Joes cock,he was afraid he had began to love Joe a lot.Mr Palmer was standing outside his offce as Jay started by,"Hey Jay,how are
you boy?"
"Good Mr Palmer,you?"
"Fine,fine,come on in here and talk with me awhile,haven't seen you in
months,"He said,taking Jays arm."I've got dads lunch,he forgot it."Jay said.
"Just set it on the desk Jay,I'll take it down myself in a bit."
"So,you play soccor huh,any good at it?"he said.
"Yeah,I guess,or thats what they tell me anyway."Jay said.While teen young nn lolita speaking,Mr. Palmer took off the hidious looking jacket he always
wore,then Jay had a surprise,Mr Palmer grabbed him in his arms,Jay could
feel his surprisingly firm body against his.
Mr Palmer was considered to be some kind of a Bohemean who did not put much
attention on his appearance.And now in his tight grip,he could not help seeing his hairy chest and
strong neck.
He didn't know how he managed to strip off his shorts,but as he felt his
hard cock rubbing his the crack of his ass, he was more than ready for
him,he had no intention of being unfaithful to Joe,he just could not
resisit Mr Palmers strong hands and lusty cock.As he lifted him against the door,Jays hand slipped inside his shirt and
his hairy,firm body felt exciting.
Mr Palmer spread Jay's butt with his strong hands,he shoved his mighty cock
in,that was the moment dark portal lolitas com Jay realized what he was doing and wanted to back
up,unfortunately,there was only one way to back up and Mr palmer was
completely inside him.Jay hated to admit it,but once he was inside his love hole,he completely
obsorbed his attention,then soon he was whipering and whining as if it were
his very first fuck.
He felt as if he was totally surounded by Mr Palmers hairy body.He lowered Jay to the floor and as he held him in a tight hold,his hefty
cock invaded his innerds completely.
His big tongue played with Jays and made him feel as though Mr Pa;mer had a
second cock and he was sucking it,he was drooling,trying to catch it as
best he could.At times he could not believe that Mr Palmer had so much
cock.Just when fully convinced that he could not handle anymore,he forced more
cock into him and when he was about to scream out in pain,he eased up and
made Jay fight to keep it all inside.
Teased like this,Jay soon lost his clear thinking and just shivered with
spasms of ecstasy.Every nerve in his young body was alive,conscentrating on the energetic
movements of Mr Palmers cock as he pumped his firm loins against Jays ass.
This was different from fucking dad,he was a big hunk of a man,holding Jay
in his arms and he sure knew how to handle a boy.Mr. Palmer had pushed Jay's shirt up and had placed his mouth over his
little nipples,sucking and nibbling on each,making him squirm even more.
Jayes arms were around Mr.Palmers neck as they kissed once again then he
was hunching his young butt to meet his thrusts.Mr.Palmer gripped a cheek of Jay's ass pulling upward each time Jay raised
his it.The two of them had a study rythem now as Mr.Palmers cock made
squashing sounds each time he buried it profoundly inside Jay's retum.The
boy was really worked up and beside himself as he moaned and
groaned,whimpered and whined,sucking Mr.Palmers tongue once again.Mr Palmer had an arm under Jay's knee,pulling his leg just under his
chin,trying to get in deeper.
The two of them were really bouncing now,Jay bouncin up and Mr Palmer
pushing downward.Jay was so hot he thought he might pass out,then MR Palmer cried out as he
rammed his cock home,his body quivering as his ass jerked with each spurt
of his cream.
Jay let his Tongue go lolita y o pics as he gasped for air,still holding Mr preteen bondage vicky lolita Palmer tight
around the neck.Finally Palmer collapsed on top of him,fighting to get his breath.When he
finally did,he quickly took Jay's cock in his mouth,sucking like mad.
It wasn't long before Jay filled his mouth with spurts of cum,watching the
older man swallow evry drop.Palmer licked Jay's ass,but never sucked his cum out like most of the
others,Jay felt cheated.
Palmers dripping cock was srill hanging out as Jay raised up,took it in his
mouth,tasting Palmers cum mixed with his ass juices.As Jay dressed Mr Palmer said,"I think your dad is going to get a fat raise
the first of the week boy,you can count on it."
Jay looked at him surprised as he said,"You mean my dad set this up,the two
of you had it planned?""Sure boy,but don't get mad at your old man,hell,I heard how good a fuck
you was and gave him a choice,your ass,or his job,besides,you loved every
minute of it."He was right there,jay thought,he did like it,he liked it a lot and would
be back for more.
"I'm not mad Mr.Palmer,dad done what he had to do and your right,I did like
your big cock up my butt,and with that said,he opened the door best nude loli model and walked
away with a feeling of being well fucked...........More to come........rimmer72450hotmail.com
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